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Family means the world to me, being a mother, grandmother, and business owner, I understand the challenges we face daily and what it takes to reach our full potential. Life is full of unexpected surprises, taxes don't have to be one of them!
We focus on all your tax and structuring needs so you can enjoy time with your loved ones.
I have been in the tax industry for almost 30 years, gathering valuable knowledge along the way. Over the years, I have come to realize that some tax service providers only care about numbers and getting clients in and out as fast as possible. I have learned that taking the time to establish relationships with my clients makes a difference. By taking the time to establish a relationship, I can better understand your tax needs and create a well-rounded structure solution for your ever-changing tax endeavors. My experience covers a wide variety of accounting expertise, including corporations, partnerships, and various forms of individual tax returns. No tax issue is too big or too small. I will walk you through each step of the way to put your mind at ease and help you understand your taxes.


4740 Green River Rd Ste 304
Corona, CA 92878
Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm
Every other Friday
Saturdays vary (by appointment)


Whatever your needs may be; we will be diligent in finding a solution and helping you understand the problem.At Magaña & Associates, Inc., we are dedicated to providing excellent service with a friendly and professional approach. We specialize in:
Individual Taxes
Partnership TaxesCorporate TaxesCorporate StructureCollectionsBookkeepingAudit Representationand more...

Get ready

We know how stressful tax time can be, and the best way to overcome that anxiety is with organization! Come to your appointment prepared and relaxed with the tools we provide, such as the tax organizer worksheets or quarterly newsletters.

Are you forgetting anything?
Don't forget to include any of the following:
Did you?Sell any gold, old jewelry, or precious metals?Make an internet purchase on which no state sales tax was collected?Receive a foreign gift or inheritance from someone in a foreign country or from a foreign entity?Have signature authority or a financial interest in a foreign financial account? (don't overlook employer and business accounts, or accounts of other family members residing abroad)Have ownership in a foreign trust or a financial account maintained by a foreign financial institution?Sell any items on E-bay?Receive income for which you did not receive a Form W-2 or 1099?Have the Earned Income Tax Credit denied?Employ household workers?Make a gift to an individual in excess of $17,000?Change any of your contact information?


Vina's Family

Keep us up to date on any received documents, and we can assist you with how to move forward.